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In the space center "leak" of corruption

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In the space center "leak" of corruption
In the space center "leak" of corruption

Readers report theft during the construction of the National Space Center, the construction of which, according to them, is led by people convicted of fraud....

A very curious letter came to The Moscow Post. So curious that you can immediately be informed of some facts on the construction of the NCC and the head of the TFR, General Alexander Bastrykin, and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, General Igor Krasnov.

Our informant, judging by the details described in the letter, also works on the construction of the NFC. We quote part of the appeal: "I am sending materials on the facts of corruption during the construction of the National Space Center by the developer, namely the general director of MIP-Stroy No. 1 LLC Konstantin Maslakov and his entourage, which creates risks of freezing construction. There are a lot of egregious violations. And, quite possibly, Mr. Maslakov (in the recent past - Grigoriev), who was previously tried by the Kirov District Court of Astrakhan, sentence No. 1-256/2017 of 20.07.2017, on the facts of embezzlement of budget funds, will again go on trial with the company of "accomplices"? The editors found the verdict of the Kirov District Court against Mr. Maslakov-Grigoriev.

Our fellow journalists write about the problems at the NFC construction site, starting in December 2020. The Moscow Post, thanks to its readers, also received a portion of exclusive information.

The correspondent of The Moscow Post understood the facts reported by our informant from the construction of the National Space Center.

Fakirs Sobyanin-Rogozin

Recall that not so long ago, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin promised Vladimir Putin that there would be no problems with the construction of the National Space Center. And what in the end?

Two high-ranking government officials are responsible for the construction of the facility - Dmitry Rogozin and Sergey Sobyanin.

Our reader in Roskosmos listed the most striking episodes from the large-scale activities of the head of MIP-Stroy No. 1 LLC Maslakov-Grigoriev (for which he nevertheless changed his name when he moved to a new place of work?) And his associates.

According to our informant, it was on the initiative of Maslakov-Grigoriev and with the participation of accountant Irina Karacheva that the re-signing of financial and economic documents for 2017-2019 was carried out retroactively.

In connection with the legislative increase in the VAT rate from 18 to 20% from 01.01.2019, a scheme for understating VAT to the budget was used, namely, corrections were made to the primary accounting documents, in terms of reducing the price of goods, in order to minimize their obligations. According to our source, the allegedly "applied scheme of illegal VAT reimbursement from the budget allowed to deceive the Federal Tax Service of Russia by tens of millions of rubles."

This is the first.

Second. According to a reader at Roscosmos Group of Companies, in September 2020, Mr. Maslakov-Grigoriev, with the active participation of the heads of the warehouse service Pavel Kruglov and Alexander Grisenko, allegedly could have turned off a large theft of property. And caused significant damage to LLC MIP-Stroy No. 1, as well as to the state in the person of the shareholder of Mosinzhproekt JSC.

The members of this shock cohesive group moved 300 tons of high-quality metal pipes from the central warehouse in Zelenograd to warehouse No. 8 (Lermontovsky Prospekt metro station).

By manipulation, the removed property was allegedly transferred to the category of unsuitable. And implemented in the shadow turnover of LLC Vtormet-Garant.

As a result, on December 23 last year, the Investigative Department of the OMVD in the Vykhino-Zhulebino district opened criminal case No.  12001450055001660 on the grounds of a crime under Art. 159 ch.4 of the Criminal Code "Fraud by a group of persons on an especially large scale."

At the same time, through the efforts of Vladimir Kuznetsov (responsible for the work of the security service), the work on the case by the investigator was stopped: the criminal case was suspended.

According to a similar scheme - as the reader writes - in October 2020, expensive cable products were moved from the warehouse from the Rudnevo electric depot and the Brateevo electric depot to another warehouse No. 8. As a result of alleged fraud, 20 thousand meters of cable worth 35 million rubles could be stolen.

Also, through the efforts, as they say, of the same Vladimir Kuznetsov, the work of checking subordinate to him by the security service was stopped, and the originals of materials that could expose the alleged crime were simply destroyed.

But how, in what way, did a person against whom a serious case of embezzlement was opened again in high public office?

And how does Mr. Grigoriev (Maslakov) manage to jump from place to place?

Konstantin Grigoryev (Maslakov)

So, in 2014, Mr. Grigoriev, it turns out, headed Caspian Management Energy LLC.

And he was also related to the work of the Astrakhan Shipbuilding Department, where he broke a lot of firewood, for which he eventually received a criminal case, which is eloquently stated in the verdict.

On the calendar was 2017. But Mr. Grigoriev did not go to prison. Easily changed his surname to "Maslakov" and became the head of the construction of the National Space Center!

Who missed a person with a criminal past on a strategic object (read - real)?

After all, Mr. Grigoriev (Maslakov) was accused not of stealing a box of cucumbers, but of taking a huge amount from the State.

The editorial board of The Moscow Post addresses these issues to the FSB Economic Security Service (SEB).

Fake firms

But back from earth to heaven.

Recall that the competition for the development of an architectural ensemble of NFC buildings ended in October 2019.

The founders in equal proportion were the Khrunichev Center subordinate to Roskosmos and Mosinzhproekt, representing the interests of the Moscow Government.

Tenders for obtaining contracts of LLC MIP-Stroy No. 1 deserve special attention.

All corruption issues - according to the reader - in lobbying for interests and receiving huge orders for controlled companies, for kickbacks of 15% of the contract amounts, Mr. Maslakov-Grigoryev decides through "his" people - Ivan Goloshchapov and Ruslan Rybin.

One example is the computer equipment purchased under the supply agreement of January 20, 2020 at a very high cost from the fictitious company Smart Technologies LLC. They allegedly organized a fake competition and chose as a supplier of three legal entities the most seemingly unreliable company - Smart Technologies LLC (registered at the mass registration address, the number of employees - 1 person, authorized capital: 10 thousand rubles, tax reporting to the controlling IFNS No. 7 of Moscow is presented with almost zero indicators).

At the same time, the remaining participants in the competition are Infosel JSC and ITsTS LLC - large companies with multi-billion turnover and a solid reputation in the computer technology market.

Damage from this purchase alone, according to our source estimates, amounted to 15 million rubles.

Further, according to our reader, in May 2021, Maslakov-Grigoriev and his assistant Elena Nadtochiy, in order to reduce financial control, in the person of the shareholder of Mosinzhproekt JSC and further opportunities to earn on the allocated budget flows, created a Separate Division - the Central Office of MIP-Stroy LLC No. 1.

Today, the employees of the main company are taken out of staff. And there are massive cuts in professional, decent and objectionable workers. Layoffs are in violation of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, without serving notifications of withdrawal for staff and subsequent personnel procedures.

Meanwhile, the pace of construction of the NFC, meanwhile, slowed down significantly, no new construction projects were allocated.

Along with this, magicians-managers brought MIP-Stroy LLC No. 1 to a deplorable state. On December 2, last year, 2020, an application was filed with the court for declaring him bankrupt, since there is no equity, revenue and profit have fallen several times. And the state-owned company MIP - Stroy No. 1 and 8 thousand employees are waiting for difficult times.

Two government officials are responsible for the construction of the NCC - the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, and the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin

And this is how the object of the century is built - the National Space Center?

Scandals with mass dismissal

For now, apparently, neither Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, nor Rogozin, the chief for space "plates," knows what powerful scandals shake the construction sites of the NCC?

What is the scandal with the mass dismissal of builders in the fall of 2020? For two and a half months, almost 800 employees of MIP-Stroy No. 1 LLC, a subsidiary of the Moscow developer Mosinzhproekt, put statements of departure on the table. Five employees from the management staff appealed to the court, another six filed complaints with the labor inspectorate.

Such a super-critical situation developed after the arrival of the new leadership in Mosinzhproekt and MIP-Stroy No. 1.

As noted above, some top managers are involved in criminal cases.

And it was after joining the post of general director of Mosinzhproekt Yuri Kravtsov and his team that mass layoffs began at MIP-Stroy No. 1.

Note that Mr. Kravtsov headed Mosinzhproekt in May 2020.

Mr. Kravtsov is well acquainted with the construction industry: for 25 years he was engaged in the construction of large facilities - he took part in the construction of the Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 projects, headed the branch of Stroytransgaz in Saudi Arabia.

Mosinzhproekt is a holding company 100% owned by the Moscow Government. The company is the operator of the construction of the subway, transport and transfer hubs in the capital, the general designer and technical customer of the largest road facilities.

Yuri Kravtsov

In addition to the construction of the National Space Center, the company built a hospital in Kommunarka, Zaryadye Park, Luzhniki Stadium, etc.

After the change of command, employees in offices began to massively reduce salaries, and workers at the construction site - to increase the number of days on watch. Some more employees were canceled bonuses, which amounted to half of the salary.

In early September 2020, MIP-Stroy No. 1 employees sent a statement to the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for Moscow demanding that the general director of the enterprise, Mr. Maslakov, be prosecuted. Some of them believe that a Lexus car was bought on the withheld salary of workers. And allegedly presented a foreign car to the Director General of Mosinzhproekt Kravtsov "for patronage."

Three in the same boat

In the team of Yuri Kravtsov, in addition to Konstantin Maslakov-Grigoriev, there are other strange personalities: they lit up in another scandal related to Roskosmos. His three deputies - Maxim Petrov, Dmitry Chirkin, Anton Zhiganov - were under the prosecutor’s "cap" back in 2019. The Trinity was suspected of misuse of budget money from 2016 to 2018, when they led the company RK-Assets.

This structure was supposed to sell non-core assets of Roscosmos.

According to the results of the audit, a criminal case was opened against former officials of RK-Assets JSC on the fact of unreasonable spending of budget millions.

It is said that Mr. Petrov received a monthly salary of 1 million rubles. But only the company did not conduct any real activity.

A contract with Mosinzhproekt for the construction of the National Space Center was concluded in 2019. The company must build a business center with a rocket tower. The headquarters of Roscosmos and the Flight Control Center will move to the new building. The new center plans to accommodate 20 thousand working personnel. The project cost is 25 billion rubles.

How much can they end up pissing in their bottomless pockets?

Repeat the fate of the Vostochny cosmodrome?

The construction of the NCC is being carried out on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The area of the building of the National Space Center will be almost 250 thousand square meters. m In addition to production premises, a technopark, a museum center, courtyards with an open-air exposition will be created on the territory of the complex.

The territory of the center will be fully open and residents and guests of the capital.

When developing the project, the architects took as the basis the image of the spacecraft. The congress center, located at the bottom of the complex, will have a media facade that allows you to broadcast video from the International Space Station in real time. And to emphasize the scale of the object and its desire to rise, gradient lighting will be used.

The multifunctional complex of buildings will be located on an area of 6.9 hectares from Myasishchev Street. The design of the NFC building complex was developed at the UNK project bureau.

The competition was held on behalf of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

It is only increasingly said that the National Space Center can repeat the unenviable fate of the Vostochny cosmodrome, which was built through a stump deck. And during the construction of the 21st century cosmodrome, more than 1 thousand criminal cases were opened...

Did it not happen that the "criminals" from the Vostochny cosmodrome now crawled to the construction sites of the National Space Center, taking into account the soldered "team" of Maslakov-Grigoriev?

Автор: Марьяна Заболотная

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